Rest, rest, rest awhile. You've been running on empty for too many miles. Curl up in a chair, prop up your feet. Grab a cozy blanket, fuzzy socks, good book, and warm drink. Life is stressful, I know, and you always want to be on the go. But it's hard to go when you don't... Continue Reading →

Music Recommendation

In Pocketed Moments, lo-fi music was a part of that moment I wanted to capture in words and share with you. I've only started to listen to lo-fi music within the past few months, and I love how it helps me relax and find joy in the present moment! Lo-fi is an acronym for low... Continue Reading →

Pocketed Moments

It's days like this that remind me to persevere whenever I reach a day that's cold and rainy. Because when I'm cold, wet, and miserable, I can look back on this sunshine-saturated moment and smile. I can find happiness in that one moment of misery knowing that I will rest again in this moment where... Continue Reading →

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