Who I Am

I open my eyes in darkness--a brand new day, beckoned in by the whirls of my iPad alarm and welcomed by the steadfast, confident swinging from the warm covers to the cool tendrils of the turquoise shag rug below.  Mornings spent in peace and tranquility only felt under the careful watch of the moon--this is... Continue Reading →

The Pearl

They don't teach it in schools anymore--even if they ever did. The way humans settle, sink into a conversation like a pebble into a lake after it's skipped the glassy surface several times, reaching new depths of that lake, new depths of the people who are conversing together. And out from amid the murky waters... Continue Reading →

The Elder and the Young Man

Can I give you an outsider's view? I just happened to look up at the right moment, as I always do-- and there they were. A young man squatted down on one side of the wooden table, facing an older man sitting down on the other side. I'm sure no one else took notice. Sure... Continue Reading →

Mountain and Valley Days

If there's anything I've learned in life thus far, it's that things sometimes have to get messy before they become beautiful. Dirty rooms have to become even dirtier--clothes and objects strewn across the floor in order to dust off furniture, beds stripped to their bare mattresses to wash sheets, items tucked away into closets so... Continue Reading →

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