Why Can’t I Tell You?

Here's what you hear when I tell you I'm moving this weekend: "She's packing up and going home." What you don't hear, though, are these words revolving around my head like silent wolves stalking wounded prey: "She's leaving everything she knows. She's going through a change and a difficult transition because she can't tell up... Continue Reading →

Five Years

Five years. Five years ago today I was a different person. I wanted different things and dreamed different dreams and felt different passions. Five years ago today I had different strenghts and different weaknesses, different hopes and different fears. The change from teenager to young adult was a transition I needed . . . and... Continue Reading →


The next step ahead is not as clear as I would like it to be. It's like going through a car wash, vision obscured by soapy water streaking lines down the windshield. I have no control of the vehicle as neutral allows the track to smoothly, gently, lovingly guide the car along. I just have... Continue Reading →

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