The Future Hidden In High School

When that loud, monotone bell rings throughout the hallways, teenagers joyously rise out of their uncomfortable seats, filing out the classroom door and into the white-washed hallway, savoring those few glorious minutes of social time before they have to continue on to the next boring class. Everybody knows navigating the halls of a high school... Continue Reading →

Beautiful Reflection

Multiple grains of sand squished beneath her feet, embedding themselves under her toenails and between her toes. The wind sailed past her red ears and whipped her hair around her head. Rows of waves crashed onto the shore, pushing water over the tops of her feet. She looked out over the surface of the water--past... Continue Reading →

The Living Nightmare

The first things I noticed were the enveloping darkness and the cold sweat upon my brow as I bolted upright. "It was just a nightmare," I whisper into the chilly air. "It's okay." And as I retreated to the warm covers of my bed, I repeated these words, desperately wanting them to be true. But... Continue Reading →


The loud racket cut through the air in the house. He slammed the door closed with such force that even the goldfish tank in his brother’s room on the opposite side of the hall shook. He did it. Again. How could he? Bedsprings groaned loudly as he flopped face-down into his grey comforter. He reached... Continue Reading →


She walks down the worn trail, leaves crunching under her feet. Clouds cover the sky, casting an eerie gloom over everything. The air feels thick around her, a wall seeming to choke her when the wind doesn't blow softly through the semi-bare branches. A few of the remaining leaves fall to the ground--slowly, gracefully. It... Continue Reading →

Cold Nights and Closed Doors

Puffs of air kiss his face as he walks along the sidewalk. Even at night, the city keeps busy. Rambunctious music from distant bars fills the air, cars speed by, and several people walk about in the streets and alleys under the ever-present lights of the city. An ambulance siren whirls in the brisk night.... Continue Reading →

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