Tearing off Clothing Tags

I've always been told to make sure a piece of clothing fits before you tear the tag off. Because once the tag is off, the shirt, the shorts, the jeans, the jacket, the shoes . . . they're yours. No take backs. No returns. It's totally, utterly yours. For whatever reason, I felt the essence... Continue Reading →

Two to Tango

The words caught in my throat and echoed in my mind as soon as I typed them: "You can't be the one putting in 110% while he's over here reaping all the rewards and doing nothing. A relationship takes two to tango." My mind emptied, this phrase bouncing around in its resounding chamber like the... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I see her. Other times I see him. And most times I see them both. I see her, standing a few feet in front of me in her favorite old red dress, curled hair set with hairspray and a light, happy smile brightening her face. I see the pride beaming from her. And I... Continue Reading →

Mitch Wakely: Final Part

Here’s the thing about apathy—you plan to do one thing and then suddenly indifference takes over, leaving you to a day-long Netflix marathon on the couch. Honestly, I could’ve continued to show you different aspects of my life that apathy took over:  school, work, home. All you need to know, though, is that apathy seeps... Continue Reading →

Mitch Wakely: Part II

I start our journey in the church not because I spend every Sunday there, nor because most of my family and friends go here. I start here because it was where I met Apathy. One moment, I had joy—things were good in my life, and if they weren’t, then I trusted in the Almighty God.... Continue Reading →

Mitch Wakely: Part I

You probably know my name. You probably see my face multiple times as we stroll up and down the hallways of the church. Therefore, because of our casual acquaintance, you probably believe that you know everything about me. I’m just good ol’ Mitch Wakely, right? The 23-year-old man who has spent his whole life in... Continue Reading →

The Girl of Routines

You could tell that she was . . . different, to say the least. She sat in the same seat at the same cafeteria table every day. She hauled around the same purple, glittery backpack every year. She attended school every day, not even skipping due to the common cold or the frustrating allergies that... Continue Reading →

Words as Sharp as Wind

The sharp, frigid currents of wind whipped across his face, forcing him to retreat further into the warmth of his black jacket. Leaves mirroring the varying colors of fire crunched underneath his feet, providing the only sound beside the soft breath from his lips. Above the canopy of the oak and pine trees laid the... Continue Reading →

The Future Hidden In High School

When that loud, monotone bell rings throughout the hallways, teenagers joyously rise out of their uncomfortable seats, filing out the classroom door and into the white-washed hallway, savoring those few glorious minutes of social time before they have to continue on to the next boring class. Everybody knows navigating the halls of a high school... Continue Reading →

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