A Spark of Memory

I only got a wisp of smoke those first few months. I felt the heat of the sparks. Saw the smoke rise up to the sky, to the heavens. And then the wind blew the smoke away in one swift gust of air, leaving behind the memories that burned like embers. Small, yet tiny stings... Continue Reading →

The Golfer’s Walk

He throws his bag of clubs over his shoulder and begins the hike to find his ball. His head bows toward the ground and his shoulders bend under the weight of the clubs. Nothing can stop him, pull him back as he walks, with grace and power, toward his ball. Toward the green. Toward the... Continue Reading →


When you left, time stopped. My heart was beating, My mind was racing, But the clock wasn’t ticking. I traveled down every path, Every option and every thought That would lead me back to you. But my heart said, “Stop.” One word. Not a rant— A tirade of words Disguised as pointed arrows. Just “Stop.”... Continue Reading →

Marginal Feelings

Oh, marginal feelings— how I set you aside in the interest of perceived strength and capability. Yet you jump out in the margins of my class notes, yearning to be heard among the facts of my education. You scream your sorrows and anxieties in blue ink, obliterating any white space in your noble attempt. You... Continue Reading →


The world is quick To measure strength Through muscles and Number of push-ups Completed in a minute. The world is slow To measure strength Through endurance And number of days Survived by weakness.

Flickering Fire

Flickering fire, Casting embers to the side And forcing smoke up to the sky. Flickering stars, Shining light down on me And spreading hope to all who believe. Flickering soul, Tearing confidence at the seams And holding despair inside of me. Flickering hope, Reaching arms out to the light, And pushing darkness out of sight.... Continue Reading →


Cool marble and people walking by is all I know as I sit in front of the door to my next class. Math ended early. Only one more class to go before I return to my dorm and finish my tasks for the day. It’s hard to stay focused, however, when I can hear the... Continue Reading →

To the Kids on the Playground

To the little kids I can see outside my window running around on the playground 100 yards out: Stay young as long as you can. And even when your body grows older, and when you reach the point of life where I’m at right now—keep that same child-like mentality. Just stay focused on your playground... Continue Reading →


Replace selfishness with courtesy. Egos don't belong here. Love God and and love your partner. Always pray for your partner. Trust isn't bad to have. I don't see an "I" in team. Omit secrets. They remove trust. Never, ever cheat. Show humility. Honesty is a must. Integrity is wanted and much needed. Please serve selflessly... Continue Reading →

Coal or Diamonds?

The past is powerful. And because it is powerful, you let it power over you. Forget about the present and future and just dwell on the past mistakes and nightmares. Drown in the shame, the grief, the fury, the self-loathing . . . Or: Let the combined strength of the present and the future override... Continue Reading →

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