Cool marble and people walking by is all I know as I sit in front of the door to my next class. Math ended early. Only one more class to go before I return to my dorm and finish my tasks for the day. It’s hard to stay focused, however, when I can hear the... Continue Reading →

To the Kids on the Playground

To the little kids I can see outside my window running around on the playground 100 yards out: Stay young as long as you can. And even when your body grows older, and when you reach the point of life where I’m at right now—keep that same child-like mentality. Just stay focused on your playground... Continue Reading →


Replace selfishness with courtesy. Egos don't belong here. Love God and and love your partner. Always pray for your partner. Trust isn't bad to have. I don't see an "I" in team. Omit secrets. They remove trust. Never, ever cheat. Show humility. Honesty is a must. Integrity is wanted and much needed. Please serve selflessly... Continue Reading →

Coal or Diamonds?

The past is powerful. And because it is powerful, you let it power over you. Forget about the present and future and just dwell on the past mistakes and nightmares. Drown in the shame, the grief, the fury, the self-loathing . . . Or: Let the combined strength of the present and the future override... Continue Reading →

Piano Keys and Ink

It’s funny how things that are not capable of saying words speak volumes. It’s funny how people who are capable of speaking say nothing but harsh words. In the midst of silence, a beautiful melody on piano rings out, whispering to the depths of your soul, pulling on the strings of your heart. On a... Continue Reading →

Waiting For The Sunrise

I don't know whether to love you or lose you. I don't know whether to say goodnight or goodbye. Because if I say goodnight, then the morning is on the horizon. I just have to endure the dark night where I cry because I don't know what happened or why it happened. But if I... Continue Reading →

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