I was the one who gave him everything. Love. Comfort. Help. Encouragement. Arms--a home for both his body and heart. I gave him everything . . . including the knife he twisted around, used to stab. hurt. morph me into Julius's corpse. I gave him everything, and I was the one who paid. Paid with... Continue Reading →

One Traveler

Six hours got me from Texas to Arkansas-- six hours of just me and the open road, indie music blaring, breezes blasting through the open sunroof. Six hours of driving seems like a lot, but really I was just there. Existing. … Existing. Almost six months between moving back home and now, six months of... Continue Reading →


"If there's something you want to say, say it." Nonchalant, yet sharp were those words he spoke plainly. And they hit somewhere deep in my gut, a cater of lava that was swirling, pooling, waiting like a prisoner, ready to bound forth from its cage and into tumbling words spilling out of my mouth with... Continue Reading →

Feeling Good(?)

Birds flying high-- stars when you shine-- dragonfly out in the sun-- fish in the sea-- you once knew how I feel . . . . . . feeling good. But now, I am no Nina Simone, and I find that I am feeling . . . . . . well, I am not feeling... Continue Reading →

Old Friends, New Friends

It feels weird when a friendship just . . . dies off. No warning, no goodbye, no sense of walking off the edge of a cliff into the abyss of silence where there was once warm laughter and inside jokes and cold tears and deepest secrets revealed in the darkest hours of the night. But... Continue Reading →

Frank Sinatra

Serenade me. Serenade me like Frank Sinatra and spin me around the room. Let's carve this moment in time from the walls and floors, music floating about us on the moonlight air as we sway to the light lilts of your tune. Let this moment be just for us, my dear. Let it live forever... Continue Reading →


Pain--it's a different type of pain to have all the world your oyster yet no motivation to gain what is out there for you. You stare out at the world and find it's beautiful gaze staring back at you-- and you freeze up in vain. Where do you go? Where do you start your new... Continue Reading →

Who I Am

I open my eyes in darkness--a brand new day, beckoned in by the whirls of my iPad alarm and welcomed by the steadfast, confident swinging from the warm covers to the cool tendrils of the turquoise shag rug below.  Mornings spent in peace and tranquility only felt under the careful watch of the moon--this is... Continue Reading →

The Elder and the Young Man

Can I give you an outsider's view? I just happened to look up at the right moment, as I always do-- and there they were. A young man squatted down on one side of the wooden table, facing an older man sitting down on the other side. I'm sure no one else took notice. Sure... Continue Reading →


is something I aim to be, but often am not. It's the difference between lounging in my sun-lit room in the evening and the day of work when chaos and anxiety reigned in my bones. And I hate-- absolutely deplore, really-- the fact that calm recedes like the waning tide and my stress comes out... Continue Reading →

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