Sonnet 73B

That time of year thou mayst in me behold When scarlet leaves precede that Halloween And chill winds force retreats to fuzzy folds, Bare skin hiding behind warm denim jeans; When kids seek treats using horrified masks And turkeys fry among potatoes, jams, and pie, Red-clad Santa giving those things for asked And flying kisses... Continue Reading →


Three red lights in a row, paced in the distance. One after the other, making the horizon seem too distant as I drive along this road, feeling dissonance between where I'm at and where I need to go. This is something I've always struggled with. Feeling the pent-up energy surge as my body surges forward... Continue Reading →


Relapse. Relapse back into the pain the depression the anxiety that we thought was over. gone. finito. Guess that was nothing but a dream though. Relapse back into the mindset we were so glad God lifted us out of-- like David from the mud pit. And now all we feel is the squelch of mud... Continue Reading →


The name Pharisee leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Religious leaders who practice laws . . . religious wolves whose teeth tear the sheep apart. They breathe schedules and routines and religious practices. Their heads swim in the Word, but when they come up for breath, all they breathe in is the air of... Continue Reading →

Me and You

You have this picture of me in your mind . . . a mini-you. And don't fret, I know where you're coming from. The worries over the tiniest details--we seem to share all but one. I am wild and free-spirited. You are insistent and controlled. I know the words rolling off your tongue are probably... Continue Reading →

A Spark of Memory

I only got a wisp of smoke those first few months. I felt the heat of the sparks. Saw the smoke rise up to the sky, to the heavens. And then the wind blew the smoke away in one swift gust of air, leaving behind the memories that burned like embers. Small, yet tiny stings... Continue Reading →

The Golfer’s Walk

He throws his bag of clubs over his shoulder and begins the hike to find his ball. His head bows toward the ground and his shoulders bend under the weight of the clubs. Nothing can stop him, pull him back as he walks, with grace and power, toward his ball. Toward the green. Toward the... Continue Reading →


When you left, time stopped. My heart was beating, My mind was racing, But the clock wasn’t ticking. I traveled down every path, Every option and every thought That would lead me back to you. But my heart said, “Stop.” One word. Not a rant— A tirade of words Disguised as pointed arrows. Just “Stop.”... Continue Reading →

Marginal Feelings

Oh, marginal feelings— how I set you aside in the interest of perceived strength and capability. Yet you jump out in the margins of my class notes, yearning to be heard among the facts of my education. You scream your sorrows and anxieties in blue ink, obliterating any white space in your noble attempt. You... Continue Reading →

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