Mitch Wakely: Final Part

Here’s the thing about apathy—you plan to do one thing and then suddenly indifference takes over, leaving you to a day-long Netflix marathon on the couch. Honestly, I could’ve continued to show you different aspects of my life that apathy took over:  school, work, home. All you need to know, though, is that apathy seeps... Continue Reading →

Mitch Wakely: Part II

I start our journey in the church not because I spend every Sunday there, nor because most of my family and friends go here. I start here because it was where I met Apathy. One moment, I had joy—things were good in my life, and if they weren’t, then I trusted in the Almighty God.... Continue Reading →

Mitch Wakely: Part I

You probably know my name. You probably see my face multiple times as we stroll up and down the hallways of the church. Therefore, because of our casual acquaintance, you probably believe that you know everything about me. I’m just good ol’ Mitch Wakely, right? The 23-year-old man who has spent his whole life in... Continue Reading →


We have a way of taking the circumstances we’re in and clinging to them. We cling to them as if they are a boat out at sea, tossed about by the threatening waves of life and thundered upon by the raindrops of fate.  The waves rise and fall with rapid speed, and it takes all... Continue Reading →

Flying Anew

Failure is a sickness, a disgust, and a shame that boils my insides, rattles my bones, and shatters my heart. Everyone else’s expectations of me, and my own expectations of me, are nine feet, nine inches high and I’m expected to fly over them like it’s nothing even though I’m five foot four and I... Continue Reading →

The Living Nightmare

The first things I noticed were the enveloping darkness and the cold sweat upon my brow as I bolted upright. "It was just a nightmare," I whisper into the chilly air. "It's okay." And as I retreated to the warm covers of my bed, I repeated these words, desperately wanting them to be true. But... Continue Reading →

A Letter to Sin, A Letter to God

A Letter to Sin: You have no control over me. This relationship was nice while it lasted, I’ll be honest— But it’s over. For a while now I have done everything I could to please you. I have endured your nagging, I have tolerated your abuse, I have even let your voice enter my head... Continue Reading →

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