Dealing with Emotions

I felt it more this week-the rising tide of anger washing over tired bones and a weary soul that had stuffed it down, deep into the depths of the sea of emotions for too long. I could feel it as my usual sarcastic barbs with co-workers had more of a sting than I intended. Could... Continue Reading →

The Pearl

They don't teach it in schools anymore--even if they ever did. The way humans settle, sink into a conversation like a pebble into a lake after it's skipped the glassy surface several times, reaching new depths of that lake, new depths of the people who are conversing together. And out from amid the murky waters... Continue Reading →

Dawn to Dusk

(a response piece to Robert Frost's "Nothing Gold Can Stay") My day was starting whenever the famous line fluttered around my head: "dawn goes down to day / nothing gold can stay." And in the flash of an instant, I realized this valuable lesson: day will always give to dusk, and dusk will always give... Continue Reading →


22 things I have learned in my life thus far: 1. Life is beautiful. 2. Life is ugly. 3. Family is important, so cherish it. 4. Take care of yourself--eat well, exercise, get some needed rest. For when you cover the basics, you'd be surprised at how great you will feel and how much you... Continue Reading →


Maybe I give, and I give, and I give until I have nothing to give away . . . and maybe that makes me a great person to others and a bad person to myself, but I can't help the satisfaction of feeling needed, of giving so I can make the lives of others easier.... Continue Reading →

Love (Wine)

Was anyone ever going to tell me that love was messy? For the better part of my life, I thought love was a guaranteed Cinderella fantasy, complete with a Prince Charming dressed handsomely in a black tux who cries as he watches you walk down the aisle on the very day you have dreamed of... Continue Reading →

Laundry Detergent

I am low on laundry detergent right now. That's it--that's the punchline. But really it's a metaphor for how the past couple of days, I've been low on energy. Tired. Emotional. Overwhelmed. Overthinking. Anxious. Things that are never a good combination. Things that make being low on laundry detergent seem like a dramatic flare to... Continue Reading →

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