Honestly, I meant to write this following idea onto paper months ago. Seeing as that my brain is about as scatterbrained as they come, however, the idea temporarily escaped my mind, slipping out the back door while high school graduation, college checklists, and scholarship applications warred for my full attention in the foyer at the... Continue Reading →

A Sense of Normalcy

As a writer, I know that there are times when words cannot explain. They cannot describe—cannot express the story they were created to tell. One of my former classmates conveyed in one of his recent Facebook posts that regarding moving out and starting college, he didn’t “know how to feel.” At the sight of those... Continue Reading →


There’s a word in the Spanish language, a word that means two different things: Esperar—to wait or to hope. To us English speakers, this may seem weird to us. Having one word stand for two definitions would prove difficult in conversing, right? When someone is speaking to you and they used this word, how would... Continue Reading →

Red, White, and Who?

Here's the problem. We have taken the red, white, and blue colors of our iconic flag and stripped them of all meaning. We have taken the blue and placed it on the pedestal of the Democratic Party. We have taken the red and given it away to the Republican Party. So, with only the white... Continue Reading →

Can You Guess the Object?

She couldn't take it anymore. All the frustration from the past few weeks had built up--all the snide remarks, all the nagging, all the low self-esteem--and it finally boiled up to a point and spilled out of her mouth: "You are the eye that never sees, the ear that never hears. You show every nook... Continue Reading →

Flying Anew

Failure is a sickness, a disgust, and a shame that boils my insides, rattles my bones, and shatters my heart. Everyone else’s expectations of me, and my own expectations of me, are nine feet, nine inches high and I’m expected to fly over them like it’s nothing even though I’m five foot four and I... Continue Reading →

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