Darkness stood still over our house, the sun at the brink of rising, whenever I gathered up my stuff and headed out the door to work. But as I passed my mother's room, knowing that I had an important day at work today, she said with such simplicity: "Don't carry the world on your shoulders."... Continue Reading →


It's been forever since I've heard the sound of coyotes. Long, pierced howls--a cacophony of deep-throated cries and squeaked screams. They sound closer than I remember as I walk outside into the cold night, the little puppy I'm babysitting in tow behind me sniffing out his next spot to mark as his territory. Around us... Continue Reading →


On the news this morning, they showcased an exhibit on the importance of the materials that make up a house and on the type of and distance of landscaping that surrounds a house regarding the natural disaster wildfires that shoot embers at man-built structures up to 130 miles per hour. With the right materials and... Continue Reading →


My life consists of question marks. It is one big puzzle, and they build the outer edges, fill up in the inner space with their rounded curves and soul-piercing dots. I once always knew what step I was taking next. Had everything planned out, my i's dotted and t's crossed. There were no question marks,... Continue Reading →

Old Friends, New Friends

It feels weird when a friendship just . . . dies off. No warning, no goodbye, no sense of walking off the edge of a cliff into the abyss of silence where there was once warm laughter and inside jokes and cold tears and deepest secrets revealed in the darkest hours of the night. But... Continue Reading →

Why Can’t I Tell You?

Here's what you hear when I tell you I'm moving this weekend: "She's packing up and going home." What you don't hear, though, are these words revolving around my head like silent wolves stalking wounded prey: "She's leaving everything she knows. She's going through a change and a difficult transition because she can't tell up... Continue Reading →

Who I Am

I open my eyes in darkness--a brand new day, beckoned in by the whirls of my iPad alarm and welcomed by the steadfast, confident swinging from the warm covers to the cool tendrils of the turquoise shag rug below.  Mornings spent in peace and tranquility only felt under the careful watch of the moon--this is... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Emotions

I felt it more this week-the rising tide of anger washing over tired bones and a weary soul that had stuffed it down, deep into the depths of the sea of emotions for too long. I could feel it as my usual sarcastic barbs with co-workers had more of a sting than I intended. Could... Continue Reading →

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