Frank Sinatra

Serenade me. Serenade me like Frank Sinatra and spin me around the room. Let's carve this moment in time from the walls and floors, music floating about us on the moonlight air as we sway to the light lilts of your tune. Let this moment be just for us, my dear. Let it live forever... Continue Reading →


Pain--it's a different type of pain to have all the world your oyster yet no motivation to gain what is out there for you. You stare out at the world and find it's beautiful gaze staring back at you-- and you freeze up in vain. Where do you go? Where do you start your new... Continue Reading →

Why Can’t I Tell You?

Here's what you hear when I tell you I'm moving this weekend: "She's packing up and going home." What you don't hear, though, are these words revolving around my head like silent wolves stalking wounded prey: "She's leaving everything she knows. She's going through a change and a difficult transition because she can't tell up... Continue Reading →

Who I Am

I open my eyes in darkness--a brand new day, beckoned in by the whirls of my iPad alarm and welcomed by the steadfast, confident swinging from the warm covers to the cool tendrils of the turquoise shag rug below.  Mornings spent in peace and tranquility only felt under the careful watch of the moon--this is... Continue Reading →

Dealing with Emotions

I felt it more this week-the rising tide of anger washing over tired bones and a weary soul that had stuffed it down, deep into the depths of the sea of emotions for too long. I could feel it as my usual sarcastic barbs with co-workers had more of a sting than I intended. Could... Continue Reading →

The Pearl

They don't teach it in schools anymore--even if they ever did. The way humans settle, sink into a conversation like a pebble into a lake after it's skipped the glassy surface several times, reaching new depths of that lake, new depths of the people who are conversing together. And out from amid the murky waters... Continue Reading →

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