Exodus Series: The Introduction

The word “Exodus” usually brings images of the great palaces and burning sands of Egypt. Of Israelite slaves under the harsh whip of the Egyptian overseer. Of the burning bush that led to Moses standing on the brink of the Red Sea, his staff extended as God separated the walls of the waters with His... Continue Reading →

Music Recommendation

In Pocketed Moments, lo-fi music was a part of that moment I wanted to capture in words and share with you. I've only started to listen to lo-fi music within the past few months, and I love how it helps me relax and find joy in the present moment! Lo-fi is an acronym for low... Continue Reading →

Pocketed Moments

It's days like this that remind me to persevere whenever I reach a day that's cold and rainy. Because when I'm cold, wet, and miserable, I can look back on this sunshine-saturated moment and smile. I can find happiness in that one moment of misery knowing that I will rest again in this moment where... Continue Reading →

Rock. Roll. Flow.

They are all rock and roll . . . as rocky, prominent, sky-defying as the cliffs hanging over the sea. I am a chill, quiet, soft melody . . . as tranquil and reserved as the whispering stream. Cliffs and streams—they both have a special place in nature. Both have beauty, strengths, weaknesses, gifts, and... Continue Reading →


The name Pharisee leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Religious leaders who practice laws . . . religious wolves whose teeth tear the sheep apart. They breathe schedules and routines and religious practices. Their heads swim in the Word, but when they come up for breath, all they breathe in is the air of... Continue Reading →

Magical Singleness

I can't tell you my favorite Disney princess because I don't have one. Shoot, I can't even tell you my favorite Disney prince. But what I can tell you is my favorite part of any Disney movie: the guaranteed happily ever after. The promised riding off into the sunset with a simple, loving kiss. The... Continue Reading →

Me and You

You have this picture of me in your mind . . . a mini-you. And don't fret, I know where you're coming from. The worries over the tiniest details--we seem to share all but one. I am wild and free-spirited. You are insistent and controlled. I know the words rolling off your tongue are probably... Continue Reading →

Tearing off Clothing Tags

I've always been told to make sure a piece of clothing fits before you tear the tag off. Because once the tag is off, the shirt, the shorts, the jeans, the jacket, the shoes . . . they're yours. No take backs. No returns. It's totally, utterly yours. For whatever reason, I felt the essence... Continue Reading →

Two to Tango

The words caught in my throat and echoed in my mind as soon as I typed them: "You can't be the one putting in 110% while he's over here reaping all the rewards and doing nothing. A relationship takes two to tango." My mind emptied, this phrase bouncing around in its resounding chamber like the... Continue Reading →

Pair of Boots

Sometimes it takes just one simple image to unfold a complex story in your mind. Like this pair of boots, for instance. Honestly, I can’t tell you much about the day I took this picture. I can only tell you what my phone tells me, which is that it was taken on Friday, November 16,... Continue Reading →

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