What is Not Lost

An old friend told me the other day that her family is selling the house she grew up in, the house I have visited more times over the years than I can count. The house where we had a plethora of sleepovers that resulted in giggles, movie marathons, walks in the woods, deep and serious... Continue Reading →


"You're mourning the loss of what you thought your life was going to be. Let it go. Things don't always work out how you plan. That's not necessarily bad. Things have a way of working out anyway."Frasier Crane I was the kid with the planner. I still am. If you knew me in high school,... Continue Reading →


I was the one who gave him everything. Love. Comfort. Help. Encouragement. Arms--a home for both his body and heart. I gave him everything . . . including the knife he twisted around, used to stab. hurt. morph me into Julius's corpse. I gave him everything, and I was the one who paid. Paid with... Continue Reading →

One Traveler

Six hours got me from Texas to Arkansas-- six hours of just me and the open road, indie music blaring, breezes blasting through the open sunroof. Six hours of driving seems like a lot, but really I was just there. Existing. … Existing. Almost six months between moving back home and now, six months of... Continue Reading →


Darkness stood still over our house, the sun at the brink of rising, whenever I gathered up my stuff and headed out the door to work. But as I passed my mother's room, knowing that I had an important day at work today, she said with such simplicity: "Don't carry the world on your shoulders."... Continue Reading →


It's been forever since I've heard the sound of coyotes. Long, pierced howls--a cacophony of deep-throated cries and squeaked screams. They sound closer than I remember as I walk outside into the cold night, the little puppy I'm babysitting in tow behind me sniffing out his next spot to mark as his territory. Around us... Continue Reading →


On the news this morning, they showcased an exhibit on the importance of the materials that make up a house and on the type of and distance of landscaping that surrounds a house regarding the natural disaster wildfires that shoot embers at man-built structures up to 130 miles per hour. With the right materials and... Continue Reading →


"If there's something you want to say, say it." Nonchalant, yet sharp were those words he spoke plainly. And they hit somewhere deep in my gut, a cater of lava that was swirling, pooling, waiting like a prisoner, ready to bound forth from its cage and into tumbling words spilling out of my mouth with... Continue Reading →


My life consists of question marks. It is one big puzzle, and they build the outer edges, fill up in the inner space with their rounded curves and soul-piercing dots. I once always knew what step I was taking next. Had everything planned out, my i's dotted and t's crossed. There were no question marks,... Continue Reading →

The Wonderful Works of God

"I will thank Yahweh with all my heart; I will declare all Your wonderful works."Psalm 9:1 Sometimes, do we often glance over this verse without giving any second thought to what it truly means? I think we do. As I sat outside this morning, taking in the balmy air and rain-soaked grass from the storm... Continue Reading →

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