Yet Again, At Odds

We are living history.

Yet again–

yet again as Russia plunges us into Soviet tensions

turning back the pages

rewinding the tape

like we haven’t come a long way since

like we haven’t created new technological developments like

social media

and the colored TV World War II did not know.

At odds–

at odds are the global technological society of today

and someone’s political need to invade and bring down another people’s government.

To destroy innocent people’s livelihood,

their lifestyle,

their homes,

their families,

their memories of 2022,

their memories of history.

How are our minds so advanced to create innovation in technolgoy

but not advanced enough to not cause fights like kids on the playground?

I guess no matter how far we come in creation and advancements,

we will always give in

to the human desire

to control power

over others . . .

but never ourselves.

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