On the news this morning, they showcased an exhibit on the importance of the materials that make up a house and on the type of and distance of landscaping that surrounds a house regarding the natural disaster wildfires that shoot embers at man-built structures up to 130 miles per hour.

With the right materials and the right landscape, a house has a better chance of surviving. The humans inside it have a better chance of surviving long enough to get out.

Watching those embers throw themselves down and around and against the example houses, the dormant passion inside of me became jealous.

Because it once knew the shower of sparks that would ignite at a creative passion, at a need to pursue something relentlessly until satisfaction was reached. Until a wildfire of passion shot out of my heart, setting everything around me in hues of orange, red, yellow–the colors of glorious passion.

But it’s been nothing but burnt coals lately.

Just . . . black. A void. Nothing stirring in the pits of that passion that once raged, roared with power and life and light.

But it only takes an ember,

just one

to light a fire.

To light the passion again inside

that has been banked for far too long.

It’s only a matter of time.

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