Feeling Good(?)

Birds flying high–

stars when you shine–

dragonfly out in the sun–

fish in the sea–

you once knew how I feel . . .

. . . feeling good.

But now, I am no Nina Simone,

and I find that I am feeling . . .

. . . well, I am not feeling so good.

I wake up and see the new dawn

and the new day,

see the sun in the sky

and feel the breeze driftin’ on by, yet–

yet I do not feel a thing.

And I know this is a temporary phase,

and one day I will wake up and feel

something when I see the orange and pink-shrouded

sun and clouds, feel the breeze of fall or spring clothe

my skin in cool chills.

But today, I do not feel these things.

I only feel the anticipation toward this morning

when I wake up,

and with Nina Simone

and with all of nature


I’m feeling good.

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