Old Friends, New Friends

It feels weird when a friendship just . . . dies off.

No warning, no goodbye, no sense of walking off the edge of a cliff into the abyss of silence where there was once warm laughter and inside jokes and cold tears and deepest secrets revealed in the darkest hours of the night.

But then there’s the feeling of new friends . . . of the hope that comes from watching a seedling sprout into a beautiful flower.

Maybe there’s no inside jokes or cold tears or deepest secrets yet . . . but there’s warm laughter, and the warmth of knowing there’s potential here, between us, to get to know each other well. To know the layout of the lines in our faces and hands and the hills of our mannerisms and the valleys of our insecurities.

There’s potential here . . . and that’s all I need to know that I will be okay, that I will still have laughter and love and companionship even after seeing old friendships walk off the edge of a cliff.

And yes, I’m sad, because in that silent abyss are also memories and vulnerabilities that I want to stay down there.

But look! Here are new friendships!

And even if some of them may have the same fate,

I take hope

that a few of them


I take hope that a lovely few will be that beautiful flower forever.

One thought on “Old Friends, New Friends

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  1. Sometimes old friends leave for reasons that pertain to them – what they are going through, and sometimes “life” gets in the way of friends from your youth because of “adult issues” that are more demanding.
    I can speak from experience that there are days I wish for the drama of school and not have to deal with the drama of life. But life does not go backwards. And take heart, there are times when life slows down and your friend will have the time to remember your friendship and reconnect. Social media is real good at connecting old school friends and a acquaintances.
    The most important thing I want to say to you darling student and friend, God will bring people into our lives for a season to help grow us into the Light He needs, or to help this person who needs your wisdom at their time in life. Anytime someone comes into or leaves my life-space I am always reminder of these thoughts:
    *I am in their life because they need me;
    *They have come into my life because I will need them;
    *I have something to learn from them before they go;
    *They have something I can teach them before they go;
    Timing is always in God’s hands….we are always in the right place, at the right time, when it is over it is because God has seen completion is us.
    I love you always,
    Ms. Tandy

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