The Elder and the Young Man

Can I give you an outsider’s view?

I just happened to look up at the right moment, as I always do–

and there they were.

A young man squatted down on one side of the wooden table, facing an older man sitting down on the other side.

I’m sure no one else took notice. Sure no one else would even pause at the beautiful simplicity in this picture.

But for me, it was significant.

For me, it was an instant reminder of the spectrum of age and wisdom.

It was an image that would grow with time until that old man on the right would no longer be in the picture, making way for the younger man to take his place sitting at that table while he talked to a younger fellow who had just entered the picture. Giving him wisdom, telling him stories, being a witness–a testament–to life.

Yes, this image will grow with time, indeed. But it will also stay the same.

Because the older man will always keep being replaced, and the younger man will, too. They will cycle through, year after year and life after life, because this is the way of time.

And it is beautiful.

And though it is also saddening knowing that both men will eventually meet their end and pass on to new worlds, it’s nice knowing that they are images and witnesses and testaments to the beautiful, simple moments of life. The moments when a younger man respects his elder by squatting next to him and lending his ear, and when an older man takes the time to bestow the wisdom and lessons and victories and pitfalls of his many years onto the younger man.

It’s nice knowing, too . . . that I can look up at any moment and see images like these.

Images that make me fall in love with life’s beauty again.

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