Little Black Puppy

It truly is an unspeakable joy–

that uplifted feeling in my chest

whenever my roommate’s little black puppy

heartily bounces over to me every morning

upon seeing me.

She wags her tail

and jumps up

and looks at me,

expecting, wanting pets.

Expecting, wanting love.

It doesn’t matter if she just saw me last night,

or two weeks ago,

or even two hours ago.

It doesn’t matter if, yesterday, she wanted so desperately

for me to let her outside to explore for the 15th time that day

or to play with her

or to get out of her designated chair.

I could mess up in her eyes in the most horrific way–

and she’s still always so excited to see me.

Unconditional love. Undeserved love of a dog.

And just seeing how excited she gets,

how unconditional her love is even though

we’ve only known each other for a few months

is enough to lift my heart and

refresh the breath in my chest.

And I can’t help but compare

her joy that is new every morning

to God’s mercies . . .

which are new every morning.

How many times have I woken up,

stuck in the same






How many times have I woken up

broken, and not refreshed?

I have forgotten that God’s mercies are new every morning.

Even though I sinned horrifically over and over again yesterday,

even if I ignored God and even if I completely shunned him–

I still woke up this morning with renewed mercies.

Just like I woke up looking forward to the enthusiastic greeting of a little black puppy.

God has forgiven me.

God has renewed me.

God has refreshed me.

God has uplifted me.

So in those times when my mindset is stuck again

and I can’t seem to shake out of it,

I will look each morning upon waking up

for God’s renewed mercies–

springing for me like a little black puppy,

eyes brightened and tail wagging.

One thought on “Little Black Puppy

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  1. Spot On!! And a beautiful reminder of God’s love for us saved sinners as well as those needing His love and forgiveness new every morning!
    Thank you once again, Kaylee, for reminding even the me, of God’s unchanging love.

    Liked by 1 person

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