Cozy Wintery Days

Yes, yes, I know that your social media feed is already filled with snow-day pictures from yesterday.

Well, since I’m a Texan and I hardly see snow–especially thick snow like we had yesterday–I just had to join in.

Because here’s the thing–usually when Southerners say we are looking forward to enjoying a cozy, wintery day, we mean a day when the highest temperature outside is 45 degrees and the sky is actually overcast.

That’s it. That’s our winter.

So when we do have a snow day once every few years, we go ballistic.

But yesterday, I didn’t go ballistic. I simply just enjoyed the present moment. Soaked up the coziness that came with seeing snow outside my window.

At least the fake snow sitting on my nightstand by the window wasn’t so lonely yesterday.

All day, I did nothing but chill. I sprawled out on my reading nook rug and read. I watched movies. I bathed in the glow of twinkle lights wrapped around vines. I cozied up with a warm blanket. And later, I went downstairs to watch a movie with my roommates. And as we were getting ready to start, the projector screen just having boosted up and showing the options screen, I couldn’t help but want to take a picture. Of the screen, of the cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows in my hand, of the soft light of the room. And just to the left of me was one of the living room windows, open to reveal the snowy landscape outside.

Yesterday was calming, peaceful, relaxing.

It’s been a while since I’ve settled into the present moment and simply enjoyed the day. So I wanted to share that experience here with you.

I wanted to share how the white roof outside my window matched the white sky.

I wanted to share the warm, embracing coziness of my room.

I wanted to share the ultimate cozy, cold day activity of watching a movie and drinking hot chocolate.

I wanted to share the vine and flower resting above my head whenever I looked up at my window after waking up from a restful sleep.

And with these pictures, I hope you see not just another perspective of the snow day. I hope you see what life can be like when we decide to take a step back and enjoy the moment, enjoy the newness of things for once.

Because the snow–it cleanses. It’s pure white. It blankets everything in sight.

And I hope that the newness of the snow yesterday left you with a cleansing, resting, and uplifting feeling!

Still basking in the snow,

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