Rest, rest, rest awhile.

You’ve been running on empty for too many miles.

Curl up in a chair, prop up your feet.

Grab a cozy blanket, fuzzy socks, good book, and warm drink.

Life is stressful, I know,

and you always want to be on the go.

But it’s hard to go when you don’t take time to rest,

be slow and still.


Let that word roll off your tongue, weigh heavy on your soul,

lull you to a peaceful sleep.

Rest. Be still.

Take this day to recover, recharge.

Let the warm light of the lamp fight off the cold winds outside

as you sit here, reading, drinking, resting, remaining still.

As you sit here, the day smoothed over with relaxation.

You can go travel many more miles tomorrow.

You can own the day tomorrow.

But for now,

in this season of haste,

stay here, relaxing, a while.

3 thoughts on “Rest

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  1. In a world where it seems to be a competition to be the “busiest”, it’s nice to have a reminder that even our Creator rested and we should as well.

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