Relapse back into the pain

the depression

the anxiety

that we thought was over. gone. finito.

Guess that was nothing but a dream though.

Relapse back into the mindset

we were so glad God lifted us out of–

like David from the mud pit.

And now all we feel is the squelch of mud

beneath our brown-coated shoes.

What did we lose?

We lost the tranquility, the contentment, the peace

that flowed smoothly

in and out

of our minds, bodies.

We lost intentionality

and purpose.

Gained dark alleys

and laziness.

But did we really lose?

Or did we just confuse

this relapse for a

final reversal?

We spun once–

we can spin again, like a

figure-eight ice skater or a

reflective plate in a microwave or a

blackened tire on a smooth highway.

We can begin again,

Who said this was the end? The relapse?

Nah, he just really knows how to lay back.

Don’t let him talk to you like that,

like you can never go back,

like you will never relax.

Relapse thinks he lasts forever–

but he’s really just a contrast

that you can look back

on when the time gets better.

Don’t listen to him.

He’s just a word made up of 7 letters.

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