Pocketed Moments

It’s days like this that remind me to persevere whenever I reach a day that’s cold and rainy.

Because when I’m cold, wet, and miserable, I can look back on this sunshine-saturated moment and smile. I can find happiness in that one moment of misery knowing that I will rest again in this moment where the sun shone down on me.

I’ve only experienced this miracle, this phenomenon recently–and honestly, I wish I would have discovered it sooner.

I wish I would have discovered the days so saturated with peace that the saturation doesn’t weigh me down–it lifts me up.

I wish I would have discovered those moments which feel like pockets within that day–within life.

Pockets filled with contentment.

Pockets filled with peace.

Pockets filled with joy.

Like just now, whenever I reclined on my shaggy turquoise rug in front of my bedroom window, I rejoiced in how the sun angled down into my room, casting it in a glorious, joy-filled light that emanated throughout my room. I rejoiced how the chill lo-fi playlist lilting from my record player danced with the sunshine in the room. I merely continued to relax in that moment, in that pocket. Not wanting to stir. Not wanting to stop to take a picture. Merely just wanting to enjoy that pocket of a moment and the uplifting feeling it gave me.

I wish I would have discovered this idea of relaxation and peace earlier. Wish I would have known to look up to my Savior in these moments, thanking Him for giving me this moment. For giving me these positive feelings. For dying on that cross just so I could feel the lightweight freedom in that moment, feel the burden of the day lift off my shoulders.

Resting in that moment, I drew near to Him with my weary and burdened weight of the day.

And He took it. He gave me rest. He gave me relaxation. He gave me this moment–and He will give me many more to come.

May we always take time to recognize and be present in both the sun-saturated and rain-soaked moments. For it is pocketed moments like these that remind us that we have a God with a strength greater than our own. We have a God greater than our lives, greater than that moment.

And knowing God is greater and stronger and is handling all the details of our lives allows us to rest and relax in the present moment.

Resting in the pocketed moments,

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