Music Recommendation

In Pocketed Moments, lo-fi music was a part of that moment I wanted to capture in words and share with you. I’ve only started to listen to lo-fi music within the past few months, and I love how it helps me relax and find joy in the present moment!

Lo-fi is an acronym for low fidelity, which is a description of this specific genre. You’ll notice that you can regularly hear faint flaws in the background, like distortion or hums.

Whether or not you give the following tracks a listen, I highly recommend you find some kind of music that helps you relax and enjoy the present moment! Whether it’s worship music, country, hip-hop, or even the oldies, music has the unique ability to transport us to a different era and mindset all while remaining in the here and now!

Below are some of the lo-fi mixes I have found and fallen in love with.

This is the playlist that introduced me to lo-fi music. It’s a Christian mix, and it’s a great background presence for whenever you’re having your quiet time or simply want to rest in God’s presence!

Another Christian mix that is good for quiet time or simply just relaxing!

For those looking for more secular lo-fi mixes, here are some YouTube channels that have plenty of good tracks.

  • Chillhop
  • Feardog
  • ChilledCow

Like any genre, lo-fi has a wide variety of tracks. If you like the nostalgic sound of the oldies (I’m talking to all those Frank Sinatra fans out there), then here are some other YouTube channels that have lo-fi tracks specialized in the older songs.

  • vhenusea
  • Serendipity Mood

No matter what type of music you listen to, I hope it allows you to relax and rest in our Savior’s Presence (but don’t forget to allow time for the calm silence as well)!

Resting and listening,

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