When you left, time stopped.

My heart was beating,

My mind was racing,

But the clock wasn’t ticking.

I traveled down every path,

Every option and every thought

That would lead me back to you.

But my heart said, “Stop.”

One word.

Not a rant—

A tirade of words

Disguised as pointed arrows.

Just “Stop.”

So I laid down my pen

And looked up to the sky and said,

“Is this really how it ends?”

You were once the rising sun,

But your sovereign reign’s end has come.

Goodbye—not goodnight—will forever

Be on my tongue.

You are retired amongst the stars,

Amongst all the others who broke my heart.

I can look to you in the darkest of nights,

But you will only ever be what you once were:

A rock against the restless tides of my raging mind.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye

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    1. Remember….(Maybe as time passes…) with every ‘goodbye’ there will be a new ‘Hello’. Heartaches and goodbyes make us stronger than we ever knew possible. Rely on God – He knows what is best for you.
      Love you always,
      Ms. Tandy

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