Honestly, I meant to write this following idea onto paper months ago.

Seeing as that my brain is about as scatterbrained as they come, however, the idea temporarily escaped my mind, slipping out the back door while high school graduation, college checklists, and scholarship applications warred for my full attention in the foyer at the front of my brain.

This idea was gifted to me by God back in spring, on just an otherwise normal day of school.

Trust me, it was about as boring as that sounds. Especially since my 3rd period of senior year meant 46 minutes of physics.

Remember, I’m an English major . . . imagine my excitement every time 9:54 a.m. rolled around.

This day, however, I would never forget.

We were learning about magnets and compasses at that time, and while everyone was busy working on the current assignment, our physics teacher was busy tying a magnet to the projector on the ceiling for the upcoming lesson.

To put this in perspective, our teacher had to stand right beside my desk to complete this task, and while doing so, he was explaining that one end of the magnet always pointed north, and the other end always pointed south.

And when he said that, I heard this audible click in my head. You know, the click of a door closing shut or of a keyboard stroke that goes off inside your head whenever you have an idea.

Everything clicked into place.

Because as he stated that the magnet always pointed north, he technically pointed toward my west.

My north was technically east. And my east was technically south. And my south was technically west.

And the keyword popped up in my head:  my.

My north wasn’t the true north. It was truly east.

My truth may not be the truth.

And this is what our society struggles with today.

Everyone has their own truths. The truth is no longer objective, or so people believe. They want to take away half of the definition of the word ‘truth’ and reassign it a new one.

Truth, to many in this world, is subjective.

Your truth isn’t my truth. My truth isn’t her truth. Her truth isn’t our truth.

Your north isn’t my north. My south isn’t her south. Her west isn’t our west.

And that’s the problem.

We’ve gotten so lost in ourselves that we even neglect the one thing that can set us on the right path:  a compass.

We just say, “Oh well” and continue wandering around in our worlds, lost without any direction.

Yes, technically you are facing north. But it’s your north, not the true north.

Yes, technically that is your own truth. But it’s not the truth.

Maybe if society would stop and take a moment to look at a compass, maybe we would realize that the only reason why we are so divided is because we’re all facing our own norths and not the true north.

I can only wonder what would happen if we all turned toward the real north, the real truth.

And who would’ve thought this would’ve occurred to me in physics class?

I guess physics isn’t so bad for this English major after all.

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