Cool marble and people walking by is all I know as I sit in front of the door to my next class.

Math ended early. Only one more class to go before I return to my dorm and finish my tasks for the day.

It’s hard to stay focused, however, when I can hear the clash of construction occurring down the hall.

Clearing out or building up is their purpose. Which specific one they’re currently accomplishing, I do not know.

All I know is the jolt ripping through my bones at the sound of each clash I can hear over my music.

At each jolt, I turn in on myself, trying to keep the loud noise from triggering any rising panic.


Is this what it sounds like when God is clearing out the structure of our sin-ridden hearts and building it anew in the image of His Son?

Is this what it feels like to be ripped apart to your core because someone new, someone better will be made of you?

When the workers clear out the center of this building—when God clears out the center of who we once were—the dull, empty room will be created anew and revived.

Just as God will create new melodies within my soul and revive this grey, numb heart.


Goes the sound of a beating heart.

The sound of beautiful reconstruction.

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