Mitch Wakely: Final Part

Here’s the thing about apathy—you plan to do one thing and then suddenly indifference takes over, leaving you to a day-long Netflix marathon on the couch.

Honestly, I could’ve continued to show you different aspects of my life that apathy took over:  school, work, home. All you need to know, though, is that apathy seeps into every part of your life, turning what was once black and white into a never-ending sea of grey.

If I’ve learned anything in my short time of life, however, it’s that the cure to wallowing through a life of indifference is not a Netflix marathon (no matter how great it is to sit around and do nothing every once in a while).

The cure to a life of grey is truly living your life.

Live your life in color.

Look up at the white clouds sailing among the blue sky. Take in the beauty of yellow daffodils, red roses, white lilies, and blue bluebonnets. Stand amazed at the white twinkles swallowed up by the black night. Truly appreciate the unique beauty to each color in the rainbow.

Enjoy living in the moment. Don’t take right now for granted. Be spontaneous. Don’t dwell on the consequences. Give thanks for your friends and family, and don’t take for granted their presence and their love in your life. Invest time in yourself—in treating yourself, bettering yourself, and encouraging yourself.

We only have one life. If you live it lethargically, you’ll miss out on the greatest gift you could ever get.

Find your purpose. Dream big. Make time for the small moments in life. Do good. Better yourself and others. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did these things.

Here’s to living life in color . . . and not in a sea of grey.

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