We have a way of taking the circumstances we’re in and clinging to them.

We cling to them as if they are a boat out at sea, tossed about by the threatening waves of life and thundered upon by the raindrops of fate.  The waves rise and fall with rapid speed, and it takes all of our strength to hold on to the rough wood of the hull. The will to survive the storm—to stay in the circumstances we are—overwhelms us just as much as the rain that violently pounds us.  We have to keep afloat.  We have to stay out at sea, for no other options exist.  No other way can possibly be achieved.

But God doesn’t want us to cling to that boat, that only source of life we have left. God wants us to drown, but not necessarily because it is our time to go. For when we let go and drown, we will not fall into the arms of death.  Instead, we will float into the arms of life.  When we reach rock bottom, we finally realize that we need help. We finally recognize our need for God. And therefore, we turn to Him and find the life source that we needed all along—the life source that we couldn’t see while clinging onto the boat because it wasn’t on the surface.

God will eventually provide a way to lift you up out of those troubling waters. You will survive. However, don’t ever doubt that He can lift you out.

Your GOD has moved mountains.

Your GOD has separated the waters and turned water into wine.

Your GOD has formed the universe by speaking a command, and He can destroy it by uttering one syllable.

Your GOD has brought the dead back to life.

So don’t ever believe that GOD can’t handle your circumstances. When you’re struggling financially, when you’re battling a seven-year war with sin, when you’re fighting against a busy schedule, and when you’re combating with the grief that tangibly drags behind you as deadweights— don’t doubt that your GOD can help you with these things. HE can.

Stop trying to hold on to the lifeboat you’ve sailed on for so long. It’s not worth it, for it will only kill you slowly and painfully.

Sometimes, you just need to drown to find life.

Sometimes, GOD doesn’t reveal Himself on the surface of the water. He reveals Himself and His power in the depths of the sea.

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