Can You Guess the Object?

She couldn’t take it anymore. All the frustration from the past few weeks had built up–all the snide remarks, all the nagging, all the low self-esteem–and it finally boiled up to a point and spilled out of her mouth:

“You are the eye that never sees, the ear that never hears. You show every nook and cranny there is to me; nothing escapes your view. You say that I’m fat. You say that I’m ugly. You say that nobody would love me, and that nobody deserves me. I say to myself in the silence of the night, ‘You’re wrong. I am the ideal weight and size. I’m beautiful, and there are people who love me for who I am.’ But you hear nothing, and you keep dragging me into your deep, dark depths, where I drown in your ocean of discouragement. Sometimes, there is no escape. I’m trapped in low self-esteem and insecurities. However, there are times when you flip around, and you see a different side of me.

“You say that I’m gorgeous. You say that I’m nice, and that someone will notice me. I say to myself in the silence of the night, ‘You’re wrong. I’m ugly. I’m not nice. Nobody will notice that I exist.’ But you hear nothing, and you keep pulling me up into your high, bright heights, where I float on the clouds of encouragement. When will you choose a side and stick with it? When will you stop messing with me? I do not need a flattering lie–I need the truth. And the truth is:  I am created by the God who does not make mistakes. Yes, I have faults, and yes, I have good traits as well, but God still loves me despite all that. He created me knowing that I would sin, and even fall away from Him sometimes. And He still loves me! So you can go ahead and show everything you see, but I won’t pay attention. You see, I have my priorities straight:  since when did I ditch God for a reflection?

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