Piano Keys and Ink

It’s funny how things that are not capable of saying words speak volumes.

It’s funny how people who are capable of speaking say nothing but harsh words.

In the midst of silence, a beautiful melody on piano rings out, whispering to the depths of your soul, pulling on the strings of your heart.

On a cold rainy day, the pages of a book capture you, bringing you into a world where anything is possible and reality can’t hurt you.

Yet humans, during the need of an encouraging word or just someone being there, sometimes say the ugly words, the wrong words, the hurtful words.

We say the right thing sometimes, but other times we honestly just need to shut up and let the piano and the book do the talking.

You can never go wrong listening to a song or reading a book.

Sometimes the cure you’re looking for is not in tears,  frustration, or depression.

Sometimes the cure is listening to the piano pour out its heart through the melody. Sometimes the cure is letting the book take you to a different place.

And other times, you just need to write your feelings out. Something about a pen and paper makes your feelings tangible, and not so overwhelming.

Yes, words we speak are things we cannot see, but other times they are piano keys and ink.

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