A Letter to Sin, A Letter to God

A Letter to Sin:

You have no control over me.

This relationship was nice while it lasted, I’ll be honest—

But it’s over.

For a while now I have done everything I could to please you.

I have endured your nagging,

I have tolerated your abuse,

I have even let your voice enter my head and mess with me.

Sometimes you scream, sometimes you whisper.

Sometimes you praise me, and other times your anger is a pot in my head that still simmers.

You said that you loved me, that you would never leave me.

You promised wonderful things that I couldn’t gain on my own.

And I should’ve known that you were lying when you tossed me to

The dogs of the world’s brash society like I was their bone.

There were red flags everywhere.

All over the floors, all over the doors.

You kept me fighting temptation in the middle of the night.

You had me doing things that weren’t very bright.

My beauty subsided,

my self-worth decided,

my loneliness emphasized,

my godliness compromised,

and all because I loved you.

So I didn’t heed those red flags.

The things I had to go through for you:

I kept my body addicted to drugs,

My sexual sins hidden under the rug.

I kept my eyes glued to the computer screen,

And my lips to the alcohol that kept me mean.

I pushed the ones I loved away,

And the strangers that needed something good in the world I left to decay.

You have controlled me for too long.

But no more.

I have a new rhythm to sing, a new song,

One that has shaken me to the core and will keep me moving along.

A Letter to God:

Lord, what can I say?

For years I have tried to keep my sin at bay,

But I have continually failed at trying to stay away

From anything and everything that leads to my spiritual decay.

But thanks to You, I’m saved!

I don’t have to worry about living this life alone because You are ever faithful

to me and won’t leave me completely on my own.

No more are the days where I sit in sin and drown in depression.

No more are the days where I sink in shame and gravely give in.

There is new life within me:  gone is the old, here is the new!

You have given me a new spirit and new truths!

When Satan tells me I’m worthless, You tell me I’m worthy.

When the world tells me I’m nothing, You tell me I’m something.

Gone are the deceptions of being useless, helpless, and purposeless.

Gone are the ideas that I’m not good enough or deserving.

Thanks to You, Almighty, here are the absolute truths of being useful, helpful, and purposeful.

Here are the facts that I’m good enough and deserving,

Even though I’ll mess up often and from this have to keep learning.

I can say no to the lie that I can’t be used by You.

I can and will be used by You!

Because the fact that You have taken the low-lifes and poor and used them

For Your glory is something that will forever remain true.

So no one can tell me now that You are just a distant God who merely

Looks down upon us with disgust and a smirk upon Your face.

You look down upon us with a love so rare that we have to wonder

What you see in the human race.

You see potential when we see plain.

You see saints when we see sinners.

You see holiness when we see heresy.

God, You have done so much for us that it’s difficult to describe

All the feelings we have inside in just one try.

But for now, please just take this broken heart and a heartfelt “Thank You.”

It’s something of a start.

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