Falling Into Wonderland

Like Alice falling into Wonderland, you sometimes fall into a phase in your life where down is up and up is down.

Alice dreamed of her own land governed by her own rules. So, she follows a talking rabbit with a pocket watch almost as big as him to a hole where she falls down. She then travels this great land, always trying to catch the rabbit but never succeeding in keeping him in one place for more than a few minutes.

So here you go, chasing your ungodly dreams and your immoral material desires down a hole. And as you fall, the things that truly matter pass you by:  family, friends, love, trust, education, comfort, support, encouragement, and so much more. You pay them no heed, eventually landing upside down and following your dreams and material desires to a small door.

You can’t fit.

Heck, you shouldn’t fit, because God doesn’t want you to fit. But by golly, you will make yourself fit by drinking potions of sin and eating candies of unrighteousness. And then you crawl through that door.

As you chase those dreams and those material desires, you meet strange people and encounter strange situations. There are countless signs pointing out that maybe you shouldn’t be here. But you still don’t heed them.

You keep walking farther and farther into Wonderland.

You meet a rabbit obsessed with punctuality and therefore filled with paranoia.

You meet flowers whose lips sing wondrous songs but whisper hideous gossip.

You meet a caterpillar who ruins his lungs with drugs but doesn’t really care about this, let alone anything or anyone.

You meet a Cheshire cat with not a care in the world and who does nothing but appear and disappear in your life at random.

You meet a Mad hatter who is drunk on tea and is so crazy even something as simple as today is considered special because it’s your non-birthday.

You meet the Queen of Hearts who thinks she is all that and a bag of chips, but really she is nothing but an overly-large woman with an overly-large ego who needs an overly-large reality check.

You meet all these people who are living examples of the consequences of following your ungodly dreams and immoral material desires because they themselves chase their own dreams and desires. But no, you continue chasing.

Alice continues chasing that rabbit.

And finally—at one point—she doesn’t want to chase that rabbit. She wants to go home, to return to the place where she isn’t chasing and isn’t affected by the rabbit. And you, too—at one point—will want nothing more than to return home where your ungodly dreams and immoral material desires can’t harm or affect you.

But where is home? Where is the place where you’re safe from your disgraceful, messed-up life?

In the loving hands of God.

In the hands that hold the universe, the hands that will take care of you and want to take care of you.

So, yes, you may fall into Wonderland multiple times in your life…

…but you can always fall back into God’s hands!

And that is something you can always stand on…because up will always be up and down will be always be down, and not the other way around.

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