I think some of us live our whole lives clueless as to what is really going on around us.

In the ocean of life, where many wonders dwell in the undercurrents, we skim the surface, totally missing out on these wonders.

We miss the point.

We believe that everything we want, and everything we need, is accessible to us on the surface. Therefore, we simply hover there, keeping our head above water and letting the current take us to wherever it wishes.

We fail to realize that wonders we could never imagine even seeing or knowing—the beautiful coral reefs, the graceful dolphins, the powerful whales, and the majestic undersea mountains—are also accessible to us.

But we have to dive.

We need to dig deeper.

Exploring the wonders of life requires us to put forth effort. It requires the willingness to try over and over again until our goals are fulfilled. And sometimes, in return, life will grant us a special surprise, like when you come across a sunken ship gleaming with golden treasures.

But we can’t do this if we simply stay on the surface, satisfied with the expansive view all around us containing islands that we frequently visit:

The island of me, myself, and I…

The island of technology…

The island of cussing…

The island of booze…

The island of drugs…

The island of sex…

The island of anything and everything that we think will fill the hollow spot inside of us but won’t.

We have the entire depth, breadth, and expanse of the ocean of life to explore: those mornings where an alarm clock doesn’t wake us up and sunlight slips through the crack in the curtains; those moments when we find a penny on the ground; those feelings of submersion in the love of our family, friends, and lovers; those melodies ringing out from a piano; those words on a page joining to create a story in the reader’s mind; those trials that threaten to overwhelm and defeat us; those certain people who grate on our nerves; those situations filled with defeat and loss; those realizations that hit us when we finally figure out that our lives are filled with good and bad—and that’s a good thing.

These different experiences don’t even begin to fill the ocean of life, yet we stay content with just the surface. We’re okay with just bobbing up and down, over and over and over again, just to view the islands that satisfy us for a moment then leave us feeling empty once more.

Think of the different things we would see…the different things we would experience…if we would only dive a little ways under the surface and enter a different world.

Think of how different our lives would be

…if we would simply stop surfacing.

One thought on “Surfacing

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  1. Good stuff. This is a great metaphor that works well to illustrate how most of us (and maybe all of us at least part of the time) “slim the surface” of life, settling for the quick and simple (be it in our choice of art or our understanding of truth or in our relationships).

    It also makes me think about how often we fail to experience the moments we are in. That we fail to appreciate and fully immerse ourselves in the experiences and in the people with whom we have an opportunity to engage.

    Both of these are frequent topics on my mind. I fail at them both. But it isn’t for lack of trying (or at least I hope not!).


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