Hi, I’m Kaylee!

Here at Contently Planted, it is my goal to help you on your journey in life. My writing is based on things that I am learning and experiencing, so through these things, I hope to help you in your own learning and experiencing. Specifically, I want to help you find your place with God.

Jesus says in John 15:4, “I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener” (NIV). Lately, Jesus has been teaching me to rest in Him. And as I have slowly been giving Him more and more control over my life, not only have I found rest, but I am also finding a renewed mind grounded in His Word and peace. I am being planted in who He is, and I have found a deep and satisfying contentment in it!

This is what I want for you. To find the same rest and renewal in a world that too often screams at us to hustle and wear ourselves out. It is my prayer that God speaks to you through these words He has given me, giving you rest and renewal that allows you to be contently planted in Him.

Whether this is your first time visiting or not, I hope you explore all that Contently Planted has to offer! You can explore the Bible-inspired musings, short stories, poems, free-thought pieces, and other content in the blog, or if you’re interested in learning more about who I am, where I come from, and what I do, you can jump over to the about page. Also, I have posted my personal testimony here if you want to read about my faith journey.

I hope you find a restful and renewed mindset and lifestyle within these pages!

Stay planted,

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